White Rose

White Rose represents a woman who has Love in her heart, Calm in her soul and Power in her mind. One who is soft and firm, delicate and strong all at once. A woman who is never afraid to speak her heart out and never fears to embrace Love. She does what she believes in and never fears to stand out. She still believes
in the power of true Love and that dreams do come true.

She is the Soul of Starch.
The “White Rose” collection celebrates the nostalgia of a Romantic Journey from the first glance to True Love.

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A Romantic Spin to Whites

At Starch we are recreating the quintessential white shirt. We often turn to this timeless classic when we feel overwhelmed with options. Starch takes this sophisticated wardrobe staple and reconstructs its design to make it a truly versatile statement.

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A White Rose,
Amidst million others,
Is like the moon on a starry night.

Like you find A lover in a crowd,
The moment you lay your eyes…

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